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I do wonder though, are we just all preaching to our own choir? I WISH those who called me a “ trumpster”, ( im canadian) would be humble enough to read such a book.

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Mar 15, 2023·edited Mar 16, 2023Author

As the author of the book (and fellow Canadian) I wonder this myself. I've been supplementing Brownstone's promotional campaign with some outreach of my own, and I'm finding it's a lot easier to get interest from "right-wing" media outlets than from more left-leaning ones. That said, one of my objectives in writing the book was to speak a language that "the other side" could understand, so I'm not giving up. Response from individuals of all political stripes has been very encouraging, so there's that.

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Thank you. I hope. Btw, zuby and prasad are a couple of my favourites. ❤️

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