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Excellent interview Steve, thanks for sharing!

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This story from a Twitter user is on point to the discussion here: https://twitter.com/MmeBlackBalloon/status/1558492722519891968

It's from a woman whose mom, maybe 70 years old, lives alone in New York, and never leaves the house, because of covid (aside from getting her 4 vaccine shots).

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It's a fascinating, terrifying, and all too believable story.

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Thank you for the fascinating insights!

The irony of the "safety" culture is that it often trades in small but visible risks for larger ones - e.g. a person who is afraid of plane crashes and drives instead.

For many months in 2020, our federal government was essentially discouraging physical activity - even outdoor recreation - for fear of spreading COV ID, despite heart disease, strokes, and cancers remaining huge risks for many people.

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Steve, I'm always happy to see your name and substack come up and this interview was very intersting and useful to read. Thanks for sending. I do want to mention that it contained several typos! Unlike your other columns.

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Folks who distance themselves from "conspiracy theories" are condemned to also be distancing from foresight. Sticking to views we thought were "sensible" is only good to grasp for social acceptance a little bit longer, while it provides increasingly inadequate rationalizations for surprising events that keep occurring. The number and importance of such events is going to become overwhelming, until everyone understands there was nothing "sensible" about the world narrative we took for granted.

Jump on the conspiracy theory train before it runs you over. Their explanatory power completely trumps the just-so stories about emergent phenomena. Soon this will be obvious to everyone. When we all comprehend PhDs were the last to saw reality for what it is, a mere PhD will have little value. What's going to matter is if you saw the train coming, and if you were ringing the bell, or not.

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